Crafting Primary 1 on Thursday, September 22nd 2022 make and decorate photo frames
The Materials:
1. used box cut size 20cm x 16cm
2. paperboard,colored paper or wrapping paper according to taste
3. The accessories of the frame decorator can be: sequin2, bead2, buttons2 colorful decorations,pieces2
used cds,balls2 small wool,origami paper,ice cream sticks,etc.
4. UHU Glue
5. Scissors

Crafting Primary 2 on Thursday, September 22nd 2022

The students make Seed Collage Art

the materials are:
1. Paper with picture
2. Kind of seed (bean, corn, green bean)
3. Glue

Crafting Primary 4 on Thursday, September 22nd 2022 in making Wall-Class Quotes Decoration
The Materials:
-water color
-Plain paper

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